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 Gruul's Lair

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PostSubject: Gruul's Lair   Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:53 pm

Gruul's Lair is a 25 man raid instance located in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Gruul the Dragonkiller makes his home there and the raid is very similar in style to the Onyxia raid from pre-Burning Crusade. There are very few trash MOBs and the raid is essentially Boss fights.

Gruul is the huge Gronn overlord that makes his home in the Blade's Edge Mountains. You will have seen his sons throughout the zone previously. In addition to Gruul, the raid houses the High King Maulgar, king of the Ogres. When you fight the King you must also fight his high counsel.

Both of the bosses here drop tokens for the tier 4 raid set. The tokens are each redeemable for the Tier 4 leg or shoulder piece of you choice.

Trash MOBs

There are very few trash MOBs in the raid instance. There are three MOBs before the High King Maulgar (a group of 2 and a single) and four pulls of groups before Gruul.

The MOBs are on 1 hour spawn timers. The ones leading to the High Kill will stop spawning once he has been killed. Once Gruul is down no more MOBs will spawn until the instance resets.

The MOBs will be either Gronn-Priests or Lair Brutes randomly. Therefore in a 2 MOB group you could have 2 healers or 2 melee to deal with or 1 of each.

Gronn-Priest - As the name implies these MOBs are healers. They have several abilities and an immunity to Silence.

Heal - A huge heal that can restore up to 50% of their health. This heal can and must be interrupted. If you let the priest continually get this heal cast, you will wipe due to lack of mana on your healers and casters.

Psychic Scream - This is the same as a normal priests spell of the same name, it sends everyone running.

Renew - A powerful heal over time ability that heals them for up to 10,000 health per second. It can be spell stolen by a mage, and can be dispelled.

Lair Brute - As the name implies these MOBs are melee warriors.

Charge - He targets and charges a random character outside of 10 yards. While he does this he also clears his aggro table. If you have everyone within the 10 yards then he will not use this ability.

Cleave - Similar to the warrior ability, hits everyone in the front 180 degrees. Can hit for 4500 - 7000 damage. Everyone should remain behind them so they are not hit.

Mortal Strike - A powerful melee strike that hits for up to 7000 on a well equipped tank.

Call For Help - When he is near death he can call for assistance from nearby MOBs. It has a huge radius so they must be pulled far from other groups.

Suggested Group

The Gruul encounter heavily favors ranged DPS, and the High King fight does to a degree as well. Therefore a raid group a little range heavy is best.

Start with the following ideal and adjust as needed:

Main Tank
2x Off Tanks
7x Healers
2x Warlocks
2x Mages
4x Hunters (for misdirects)
2x Utility Classes (Paladin, Shaman, Druid)
7x DPS classes


Tanking is a responsibility, Healing is a job, and DPS is a game!


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Number of posts : 174
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PostSubject: Gruul's Lair Guide - High King Maulgar   Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:54 pm

Gruul's Lair Guide - High King Maulgar

The first of the two bosses that you reach in Gruul's Lair is the High King Maulgar. Maulgar is the king of the ogres that you find in the Blade's Edge Mountains. When you encounter him you will also have to fight his council, which is made up of Blindeye the Seer, Kiggler the Crazed, Krosh Firehand and Olm the Summoner.

Blindeye the Seer

Blindeye the Seer is the Priest of the council and has all the abilities that you would expect him to. They include:

Power Word: Shield - A very powerful version of the player spell
Prayer of Mending - A powerful healing spell that takes 10 seconds to cast and will completely heal him. Casts immediately after he casts shield. While the shield is up the only way to interrupt his heals are Silence, Kidney Shot, Improved Kick, Silencing Shot, Intimidation, Improved Shield Bash, Intercept and Improved Counter spell.
Heal - A very fast heal that heals him for roughly 5% of his health. If interrupts are an issue, ensure you interrupt the prayer of mending, you can skip a few of these.

Kiggler the Crazed

Kiggler the Crazed is a Shaman that focuses on the elemental tree. His abilities include:

Hex - This is his version of a polymorph ability.
Lightning Bolt - Ranged attack that hits for up to 2500 damage.
Arcane Blast - This attack does a 10 yard AoE for roughly 2500 damage. In addition it lowers everyone's threat that is hit, and knocks them back. It is on a long cooldown timer though so melee does not need to be overly worried.
Arcane Shock - This attack hits the person that is on top of his aggro list for up to 800 damage plus a DoT component for the next 12 seconds.

Krosh Firehand

Krosh Firehand is generally referred to as the Mage. He has several abilities and needs to be tanked by another Mage.

Spell Shield - This shield reduces all spell damage suffered for the next 30 seconds by 75%. It can and must be stolen, and is on a 30 second cooldown.
Greater Fireball - This is a long cast fireball that does up to 9500 damage! Worse, it is immune to all player resistance's.
Blast Wave - This is an AoE fire blast that hits everyone within 10 yards with up to 6000 fire damage.

Olm the Summoner.

Olm the Summoner is a Warlock caster and will be referred to as the Warlock in the tactics section. His attacks and abilities include:

Shadow DOT - He casts a very nasty shadow DOT that does big damage and is not removable. He targets the highest person on his agro list which should be a fel hound.
Summon Felhounds - Summons Felhounds that must be enslaved to tank him with. They have a taunt ability to assist in tanking him.
Death Coil - This is the same as a Warlocks spell, but does more damage.

Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

Kigh King Maulgar is a melee fighter that does huge damage even against a plate wearer. Prepare to be hit hard. His attacks are as follows:

Arcing Smash - This blow hits for up to 6,000
Mighty Blow -This hits for up to 7000
Whirlwind - Hits everyone around him for up to 5000 damage per hit. This attack is on a 30 second cooldown.
Fear - Only used in the second phase of the fight, AoE fears melee (including the main tank). Does this roughly every 15 seconds
Charge - Only used in the second phase of the fight, he charges a random raid member/ Does this after a fear.

Pull and Kill Order

The strategy and tactics of this fight start by having everyone know Maulgar and his Councils abilities and the order that you are going to kill them in. Once everyone knows what they do and the order to kill them in you must setup the pull. Getting players into the correct position and spread out to minimize the AoE effects on the pull it critical.

The normal kill order is Priest, Warlock, Mage, Shaman and then Maulgar. Another typical kill order is mixing the Mage or Shaman in between the Priest and Warlock to allow time to heal the melee while ranged is killing the next one. Due to the Mage and Shaman's AOE effects they are generally killed by only the ranged DPS, meaning they take a longer time, and allow time to heal melee or have melee bandage.

The mage is pulled as far right and ahead as is safe. He is pulled by a mage so that he his shield can be stolen and he can be tanked by the mage. The Shaman should be pulled by two warlocks that siphon and drain him constantly, while enslaving the felhounds and using them to tank him, while banishing and fearing the others. He is normally pulled back into the entrance hallway and kited back and forth between the two players.

The Warlock and Priest can both be tanked to the back of the room on the left. Since the normal drop order is Priest and then Warlock, having them together saves time on the switch.

High King Maulgar is usually dragged by the main tank all the way to the gate leading to Gruul at the back of the room.

Strategy and Tactics

The priest will go down quickly and easily to focused damage and constant interruption of his heals. While his shield is up damage will not delay his casting so you will have to rely on other interrupts to slow him down. He should go down fairly quickly though, as at this point you will have everyone in the raid still alive.

Next up is the Warlock, which can also be dropped quickly by both ranged and melee DPS. After Olm comes the Mage who needs to to be downed by ranged DPS so that you can avoid the Blast Wave. Last up is the Shaman, which should allow some time to regen mana and health and get ready for the high king.

Once the four council members are dead it is on the the two phase fight with Maulgar. The first phase covers exactly the first half of his health. Once you have him down to 50% health he enters the second phase of the fight. Your goal is to get to phase one of Maulgar having lost 5 or less players, and phase two having lost no more than an additional 2 or 3. If you can do that, you stand a chance at getting Maulgar down.

In phase 1 it is important to ensure that the tank stays toped off for health as he hits insanely hard, up to 10k on plate with a crushing blow. However it is also important to ensure you do not rush and try to do to much to quickly and run out of mana. Before engaging him everyone should try to ensure they are recovered as much as possible. Once engaged, ensure that melee gets out before he starts his whirlwind attack. After the first one you can time it to run out about 35 seconds after the previous one ended.

Once he is reduced to 50% he will enrage (turn red and grow) and drop his hammer to the ground. This is when he starts using his fear and charge abilities. When he fears the main tank the off tank should pick him up. As soon as the fear is done the OT can stay engaged for a few seconds and then needs to back out so that they will not be effected by the next fear.

The main thing to remember in this phase is his whirlwind timer. His whirlwinds can be especially dangerous right after a fear or a charge, so everyone needs to keep spread out and aware of the time between whirlwinds. Some days the timing works out well and you can avoid all the bad situations and other days every charge is followed up with a whirlwind.

Keep up the damage while being aware of everything that is going on and he will go down.


Tanking is a responsibility, Healing is a job, and DPS is a game!

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Number of posts : 174
Age : 43
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PostSubject: Gruul's Lair Guide - Gruul the Dragonkiller   Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:56 pm

Gruul's Lair Guide - Gruul the Dragonkiller

The second of the two bosses that you reach in Gruul's Lair is the Gruul the Dragonkiller himself. Gruul is the huge dragon slaying Gronn giant and appears very similar in look to other Gronn you have seen around especially his sons.

You will have dealt with many of his sons in various quests in zones. Some of them include Durn the Hungerer, Grulloc, Maggoc and Skulloc the Soulgrinder.


Gruul has many abilities that need to be considered and dealt with during the fight. They include:

Huge Health Pool - While not specifically an ability, he can take what seems like endless hits due to his huge health pool. He has roughly 3,500,000 health. Yes, you read that correctly, about three and a half MILLION health.

Grow - Every 30 seconds Gruul gets angry and grows in size. This growth is a stacking self buff that can stack up to 30 times and can not be removed and does not expire. Each buff grows him roughly 10% larger in size and grants him a 15% damage bonus. His base damage starts at roughly 3,000 per hit on well equipped Karazhan tanks. This means that by the 15th grow he will be hitting the tank for roughly 12,000 damage! Grow effects the damage caused by his basic melee attack, hurtful strike, and cave in.

Hurtful Strike - This melee attack hits the person second on the threat list that is within melee range. It hits for roughly 6,000 damage on a tank. The one saving grace with this attack is that it can not land as a critical hit or crushing hit.

Reverberation - This attack causes everyone in the zone to become silenced for 4 seconds.

Cave In - This attack causes an 8 yard AoE cave in which will hit for roughly 3000 damage (against cloth) every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. This starts off rarely happening and increases in frequency as the fight goes on. The damage is boosted by growth damage modifiers.

Ground Slam - This attack knocks everyone in the zone back in a random direction for a random distance. Once Gruul does this attack he will immediately follow up with...

Gronn Lord's Grasp - Will effect all players and causes a stacking debuff. The effect stacks 5 times (once each second) each time reducing movement by 20% and then causes the Stoned effect once it has hit its full stack of 5. This can not be dispelled.

Stoned - When you become stoned, you will be stunned. This happens after being effected by 5 Gronn Lord's Grasp debuffs. Once Stoned, then Gruul Shatters.

Shatter - Whenever someone becomes stoned, Gruul will trigger a shatter attack. This attack does damage to everyone in the raid. The damage is physical and is based on your proximity to other players in the raid. It ranges from about 100 (at 15+ yards distance) all the way up to roughly 9,000 (if you are touching each other).

Preparation and Basics

The fight with Gruul is essentially a timed DPS race. You need to have Gruul down by the time he hits his 15th grow, which is about the 8 minute mark, as after that point he is capable of one-shotting your tank or off tank. While it is possible to take longer and still do it successfully, the odds go down drastically.

Due to the nature of the fight, and the damage ramping up it is quite possible that your main tank die at some point in the fight. Also due to the hurtful strike damage ramping up, your off tank may die. Therefore many guilds run with at least 3 and sometimes 4 tanks (while learning the fight) all in against Gruul in case 1 or 2 go down.

When you are preparing to pull Gruul have everyone run past the gates at the same time, as once he is engaged they close. Anyone not in the room will not be able to help with the fight.

Since this is a long fight, all mana users (especially the healers) need to equip as much mana over time gear as possible to ensure they are viable throughout the fight.


The cave ins are centered around a player and the more players on Gruul increase the chances that they will happen there. It also hurts to have players bunched up when a shatter goes off. For this reason most Gruul groups focus on ranged DPS which can be spread out. It makes the battle easier to heal and survive through.

The silence effect that Gruul uses can be lessened to some degree by the use of the Paladin Improved Concentration Aura. Therefore you should ensure you have the healers with a Paladin at all times.

The tanks must engage Gruul and generate as much threat as possible so that DPS can go as fast as possible. The off tank needs to be second on the aggro list at all times so that he takes the hurtful strikes instead of melee. Because hurtful strike can not crit or crush, a druid is ideal due to their huge dodge chance and armor / health stats. The third and potentially fourth tanks can intervene during silences to take a hit or two to help the main tank stay alive in later growth phases.

Misdirect should be used by the hunters as often as possible and especially at the beginning of the fight. Early in the fight it is a good idea to give the MT the misdirect to let DPS start sooner without risking pulling aggro. LAter in the fight misdirect really helps the OT stay second on the aggro list.

Throughout the fight try to make sure that players are spread out as much as possible to minimize both cave-in and shatter damage. While this isn't a big concern for the first little bit of the fight, it becomes more of a concern as the damage increases. Several classes can remove the movement side of the debuff, Rogues can use Cloak of Shadows, Paladins have Divine Shield, and Mages have Ice Block.

As you can see the fight is a real test of tanking, healing, positioning (avoidance), patience and DPS. Do not expect to expect to defeat Gruul until you have several weeks of attempts under your belt. This is the first real 25 man raid for guilds and while they become more difficult, this one is nothing to laugh at. If your guild has not raided before Gruul can be quite frustrating until everyone is geared properly and learns the encounter inside and out


Tanking is a responsibility, Healing is a job, and DPS is a game!

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Gruul's Lair
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