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 How to in Kara...a healadin guide

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PostSubject: How to in Kara...a healadin guide   Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:01 pm

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Attumen the Huntsman:

No rocket science here to be honest... just make sure you top of the tank who is on Attumen until they merge. He does a lot of damage but with 2 warriors on him he can be disarmed most of the time.

- Aura: Devotion
- blessings: Healers = BoW, dps = BoS, and ofc. BoL on tanks.

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Moroes:

Healing should be kept on MT and OT, also its vital to cleanse the person who is affected by his "Stun" ability. Also keep an eye out for any person with the "Garrote" and make sure to bubble if you get aggro.

Blessing of Protection will remove his garrote! So use it, but be careful not to use it on tanks! and if you use it on melee dps then let them know before since they will be incapacitated.

- Aura: Devotion
- Blessings: Healers = BoS, dps = BoM/BoS Tanks = BoL

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Maiden:

in this fight the pala’s job is extremely important (as all others are ofc.), Blessing of Sacrifice should be kept on MT at all time, since the timer on her Repentance is not trustworthy. This will of course,. give you some damage all the time, but not more than you an heal with a small heal now and then (be sure to keep health above 80% all the time so you wont die if you are hit by Holy Fire). When Repentance hits in you should awaken from the first damage the tank receives, and instantly start casting a greater heal on MT. (if you for some reason forget to have sacrifice on MT use bubble to wake.).

Also the cleansing is important, its preferable to have 3 people to cleanse, and set up a cleanse order, where each has 2 targets (the ones next to them).

- Aura - Fire res
- Blessings - Healers = BoW, Casters = BoS, Melee Dps BoL, Tanks = BoL

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Opera:

Big Bad Wolf:
Basic healing on tank, switch to heal whoever gets the riding hood debuff and as soon as the debuff expires notice who gets aggro (Usually someone else than tank) and start healing that person until tank regains aggro. Since patch you can’t use bubble to help when you get the debuff, so rely only on running, priest shield and hope you live to tell about it.

The Wolf deals around 4k dmg pr hit on the riding hood, so high stamina can also help save your ass here.

- Aura - Devotion
- Blessings - Healers = BoS, Casters = BoS, Melee dps = BoM/BoK, Tank = BoL

Romulo and Juliet:
This fight requires a lot of healing and mana preservation. 1st keep healing on MT/OT (set up targets preferably pala should heal the one tanking Romulo since he deals the most dmg), 2nd heal whoever gets hit by Juliets debuff before they die. don’t be afraid to use mana pots.

- Aura - Devotion
- Blessings - Healers = BoW, Casters = BoS, Melee DPS = BoM/BoK, Tanks = BoL

The Crone (Wizard of Oz):
Well this fight is quite confusing... If the targets are taken in the right order and everyone is controlling there agro, then its a pretty easy MT/OT healing procedure, but it is a rather mana consuming fight, so use pots early in the fight. When the crone come in the end of the fight there is time to drink, so use it! During the crone fight there is a tornado twirling around the room, run to avoid it as much as possible (Running across the room seems to buy most time).

- Aura - Frost Aura until Dorothy is dead then switch to Devotion
- Blessings: Healers/Caster = BoW melee = BoM tank = BoL

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Curator:

This is really (and I mean it) a gear check. bring 20 super mana pots minimum when training on him... you will easily use 3-5 pr. try. use elixirs, food buffs, mana oil (Flask if you can afford it) and what ever else you can get your hands on. Pala's job is to Heal MT, OT and the Melee's who are taking the adds (of course, with all the others), making sure you keep an eye on you heal add to not waste mana on over heals. MT is of course main priority, but also keeping OT topped off will make sure the shadow bolts hit him most of the time.

Drink mana pots early in the fight, to allow the cool down to regain. Since you will probably be the one with most mana all the time you are on a hard job here! Shadow priests VE/VT helps a lot here... allow shadow priest to go full out on Curator while he is in Evocation. This will easily give you 5-8k mana back. Also inform the other healers that if you get damage they should heal you and not yourself, since this will also give you more mana.

As of the new patch we wont receive mana from shadow priests VT if we are on full health, so inform the other healers NOT to heal you, and see if you can keep your self on 80% life. You should take some damage from the adds now and then so that shouldn’t be a problem.

- Aura - Devotion
- Blessings - all casters incl. healers should have BoW for extra mana regeneration, melee dps/hunter should have BoM/BoK and tanks BoL

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Shade Of Aran:

Healing on shade is a all over healing job, so don’t use the Karazhan epic libram since no one will have BoL. Its smart to place yourself somewhere where u can see as many as possible, since shade attacks random people. when Blizzard starts run towards the middle hit him a few times throw a consecration, and run back towards where the blizzard just where.

Keep an eye out for who ever is being attacked since you will need to heal that person ASAP! Use a frost protection potion when the elementals come, and see if you can save your bubble till this part as well, since there is a great possibility the elementals will go for you.

- Aura - Frost Protection Aura
- Blessings - All melee gets BoK/BoM all casters and healers gets BoW

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Prince Malchezaar:

This is a Tank and spank fight where the MT will take ALOT of dmg. Keep MT alive and ignore all others, if everyone is doing what they are supposed to do they shouldn’t take more damage than they can bandage. If an infernal lands so you have to move you can bubble and keep healing up on MT while the other healers reposition themselves. After this run to them and start healing again. It’s a pretty long fight since he has tons of hit points so use mana pots early.

- Aura - Devotion
- Blessings - Tanks = BoL, Melee = Bok/BoM, Healers = BoW, Casters = BoW

Karazhan Paladin Guide - Nightbane:

This fight has 2 phases. 1st phase requires you to almost only heal the tank, a few people will get hit by charred earth so if you have time throw them a heal. Its really important to stay at MAX RANGE, and in this fight it means max range! Nightbane will cast an AOE fear that has a range of approximately 38yards, so that gives you a 2 yards area to stand in and avoid the fear. This is really important or the MT will die! When you are hit by charred earth simply move to the assigned area (north or south/left or right).

Phase 2 is rather dramatically compared to the 1st. To begin with everyone gathers up at the tank, then when the rain of bone, or whatsitsname, comes crashing down on the party move slightly away, but not to far! You should be able to move just out of the AOE area and still avoid being hit by Nightbane’s fireballs. 10 sec before he lands reposition yourself and get ready for another phase1. Repeat this pattern and he will go down. During phase 2 aggro will switch rather randomly so keep an eye on all people, but mainly keep dwarf priest alive! The fearward is very important in this fight!

- Aura - Fire resistance
- Blessings - Tanks = BoL, Melee = Bok/BoM, Healers = BoW, Casters = BoW/BoS


Tanking is a responsibility, Healing is a job, and DPS is a game!

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How to in Kara...a healadin guide
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