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 apllication for serenity guild

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PostSubject: apllication for serenity guild   Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:35 pm

my name is asle and i live in norway ,,, and play way to much wow
im 29 years old and i like raiding + instance
id like to join you guys and girls because i hear you guys know what you doing and i realy wana progres to more advance raids and id like to get the champion of naru titel
im a good geared hunt with pvp and pve gear since i like to do em both
and they all epic but i usualy mix em up a bit since i still havent goten the kara drops
my spec is beastmaster 41 and marksman 20
my previous history with other guild is not to good since ive been in quite a lot off guilds but i end up leaving them ,,, but id like t change that and find one that i think is good and stay there since its suck to look for new guilds ,,, some of the ones ive been in have broken up becasue off guild drama and some i left because they dont preper for raids and usualy end up wiping and i feel raids not that hard if you do what you supposed to do so,, i realy hope you guys want me inn guild and give me a chance to do what i like doing best
and thats raiding and having fun with this game
hope to hear from you jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: apllication for serenity guild   Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:55 pm

Welcome to the guild mate, we hope you felt at home here.

And bye again. Guess your other guilds weren't that bad. Leaving after I ask you not to spam trade shows you arent the mature type we are after. And no, Dirge is not funny...

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apllication for serenity guild
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