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PostSubject: Application   Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:31 am


I'm Elunai, a 42 Year Old Night Elf Holy Priest, been in game for about a year now.

I'm considering changing guilds as present one, seems to be going stagnant, every weekend we try and get a group for kara but for some reason, players are doing other things, and we cannot always get a group together.
I am an officer in the guild, but it seems that the GM like to run everything and tries to do everything rather than deligate to some people, so aot of promises and raids never happen.

What can I bring to the Guild?....... Hmmm well I'm a friendly Night Elf, who is willing to help anyone to acheive their goals and always willing to offer advise as well.

I am looking to actually start doing BT and other raid instances, My armours is slowly improving, but dontalways have the chance to do instances cos members of guild.

Tell me bit more about the guild, what can you offer me if I decide to Join, what instances are you presently going into.


Hope to hear from you soon

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PostSubject: Kara Tonight   Thu Feb 07, 2008 9:39 pm

Hi Serena

I hope you get this message.... I'm stuck at work at the moment and wont be home for a while, so cant do Kara tonight

Apolgies, will message you when I finally get online tonight
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