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 Guild rules (including bank)

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PostSubject: Guild rules (including bank)   Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:39 pm

Hello guys,

The following rules should make sense to all of you. They are here to make sure we create an environment that makes it possible for al of us to be in an relaxed environment and getting some good raiding done. That's why at times the guild as a team is more important than the needs of the individual. Most of these rules have been in use in Serenity for a long time and were created by it's former GM. I feel he did a great job, so here they are again.

Member Behaviour/Guild Guidelines
• No spamming in any channel (DIRGE spamming is a kickable offence, no joke)

• Remember you represent Serenity, please behave accordingly.

• Anyone bringing the guild into disrepute will be gkicked.

• We don’t have an age limit, but we expect maturity from our members.

• You have to be active, a long inactivity will lead to guild kick, if you have not spoken to the GM / Officer in advance

• No begging of any kind is allowed

• No discriminating, racist, offensive or similar language in guild chat or any other chat

• Do not apply to any other guilds while you are still a member of Serenity if you wish to apply elsewhere ok but gquit first

• We don’t want our members to buy gold, use levling services or bot programs, if we suspect a player doing so it will end up in a guild kick

• Remember we are a team and should act like one. If someone needs help, try doing your best to help him/her. But respect that people have their own characters to level up. Dont spam guild chat for help use the LFG channel.

• I dont want to have discussions about religion or politics in the guild chat .

• And please remember its a game and we are here to have FUN


• If you are signed up for a raid: Be there on time, complete the entire raid and bring all the mats and pots needed

• When grouping/raiding listen to the leaders instructions. If failing to do so it may lead to being kicked from raid. If it happens to many times it will lead to a guild kick aswell

• When raiding, you need to have any mandatory addons that have been posted on the site.

• No spamming in raid chat when raiding. use /s, /w for chatting

• We dont want to have whiners. DONT cry if you dont get a spot in the raid or didnt get the loot you wanted or if we wipe many times trying to get further in an instance.

• Be prepared, when doing a new boss, read up on the encounter. When wiping think about if theres anything you could have done different.

• Raiding with other guilds is not allowed. We are trying to build and keep up a cool raiding environment. All of us should support this. If you are locked somewhere else, you leave your guild in the cold. Wait for a spot and support your team. Doing this will get you kicked, I am that serious about it.


You can have ONE alt, Initiates can't have alts (yet). Mains will ALWAYS have prioity for loot, even its for their offspecs.

That's it for now. If you feel something is missing or you don't agree, feel free to respond.



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Number of posts : 151
Age : 42
Registration date : 2008-01-26

PostSubject: Guild bank   Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:06 pm

We have three bank tabs at this moment and I am the only one who can take stuff out of the bank. I will use the funds and things in the bank to fund things that will advance progress in raiding.

That's quite a broad description and I am happy with that. I have bought pots, payed for respecs, given some gear to healers etc. Also, the guilds stack of void crystals is kept there, so you can ask me for them. Of course, they are only given to people who helped getting them; the regular raiders.

Lower lvl items: There are no items in there to use while levveling, cause it wasnt happening much. These days gold is easy doing dailies so a bank slot is more expensive than most greens and blues ;p

They only green gear in there is resistence gear for SSC and TK bosses later on.

Depositing: the guild bank is not a trash can; you dont get to choose loot if you ditch a number of other things on it. We have all the green gems we need atm and I wish I could DE them Wink At times I will sell stuff or DE it to make room and money.

So, if you have buff items, bandages, pots etc, put them there! If you are not sure if it's usefull, send it to me and ask (no whispers please Wink ) I will return them if it's not needed.

Thanks for keeping the bank clean and effective!


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Guild rules (including bank)
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