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 Summer Festival

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PostSubject: Summer Festival   Wed Jun 25, 2008 7:30 pm

By now you will all know it is the fire festival. At first glance the rewards look pretty poor. However there is a simple way to make a lot of money - 500g to be exact.

If you visit each of the bonfires you will be able to gain a cash reward.

Visit an alliance bonfire and get and complete the quest honour the flame for 6g. Visit a Horde bonfire and right click for desecrate the flame for a 12g reward. Be aware that doing the horde bonfires does activate your pvp

The complete list of fires is as follows.

Eastern Kingdoms

Arathi Highlands: Refuge Pointe [50,44] (A), Hammerfall [74,41] (H)
Badlands: Kargath [4,49] (H)
Blasted Lands: Nethergarde Keep [58,17] (A)
Burning Steppes: Morgan's Vigil [80,62] (A), Flame Crest [62,29] (H)
Dun Morogh: Kharanos [46,46] (A)
Duskwood: Darkshire [74,51] (A)
Elwynn Forest: Goldshire [43,65] (A)
Eversong Woods: North Sanctum [46,50] (H)
Ghostlands: Tranquillien [46,26] (H)
Hillsbrad Foothills: Southshore [50,46] (A), Tarren Mill [58,25] (H)
Loch Modan: Thelsamar [32,40] (A)
Redridge Mountains: Lakeshire [24,59] (A)
Silverpine Forest: The Sepulcher [49,38] (H)
Stranglethorn Vale: Booty Bay [34,73] (A), Booty Bay [33,75] (H)
Swamp of Sorrows: Stonard [47,47] (H)
The Hinterlands: Aerie Peak [14,50] (A), Revantusk Village [76,74] (H)
Tirisfal Glades: Brill [57,52] (H)
Western Plaguelands: Chillwind Camp [43,82] (A)
Westfall: Sentinel Hill [56,64] (A)
Wetlands: Menethil Harbor [13,47] (A)


Ashenvale: Astranaar [37,54] (A), Splintertree Post [70,69] (H)
Azuremyst Isle: Azure Watch [44,53] (A)
Bloodmyst Isle: Blood Watch [55,69] (A)
Darkshore: Auberdine [37,46] (A)
Desolace: Nijel's Point [65,17] (A), Shadowprey Village [26,76] (H)
Durotar: Razor Hill [52,47] (H)
Dustwallow Marsh: Theramore Isle [62,40] (A), Brackenwall Village [33,30] (H)
Feralas: Feathermoon Stronghold [28,43] (A), Camp Mojache [72,47] (H)
Mulgore: Bloodhoof Village [51,60] (H)
Silithus: Cenarion Hold [57,34] (A), Cenarion Hold [46,44] (H)
Stonetalon Mountains: Sun Rock Retreat [50,60] (H)
Tanaris: Gadgetzan [52,29] (A) , Gadgetzan [49,27] (H)
Teldrassil: Dolanaar [55,60] (A)
The Barrens: Crossroads [52,28] (H)
Thousand Needles: Freewind Post [42,53] (H)
Winterspring: Everlook [62,35] (A), Everlook [59,35] (H)


Blade's Edge Mountains: Sylvanaar [42,66] (A), Thunderlord Stronghold [50,59] (H)
Hellfire Peninsula: Honor Hold [62,58] (A), Thrallmar [55,40] (H)
Nagrand: Telaar [50,70] (A), Garadar [51,34] (H)
Netherstorm: Area 52 [31,63] (A), Area 52 [32,68] (H)
Shadowmoon Valley: Wildhammer Stronghold [40,55] (A), Shadowmoon Village [33,30] (H)
Terokkar Forest: Allerian Stronghold [55,55] (A), Stonebreaker Hold [52,43] (H)
Zangarmarsh: Telredor [69,52] (A), Zabra'Jin [36,52] (H)
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Summer Festival
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