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 Guild LF Guild

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PostSubject: Guild LF Guild   Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:54 pm

Hiya mate, saw your post on the Ghostlands forum about looking for a guild to work with for 25-man raids, and I'd like to talk to you further about it in-game. The guild I'm in, we had a regular kara run and were close to getting a second team out, but since then things have folded a little bit. We're trying to rebuild a karazhan team, but we've got some people who are geared enough for 25-mans, and although we don't want to lose those people, we do want them to have the chance at raiding 25-man content (which is the reason a lot of people left in the first place). Anyway, if you can /w in game when you get a chance, and we can talk further Smile
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Guild LF Guild
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