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 zulaman and ducky

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PostSubject: zulaman and ducky   Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:57 am

Ok guys i hate this guy now i really do. he is easy but is killing us over and over. i have spent a bit of time researching him and i do not see a better strategy than the one we have been trying unless we get in a 4th healer with at least 2 of the healers cabable of aoe heals.

this is a link to another video i have seen which uses pretty much the same strategy as we have been doing.

Now the tactics:

strategy 1,

this strategy if performed correctly means the raid and tank take the least amount of damage.

1. we will form a set circle around the raised square at the centre of the platform. these positions will reamin fixed and you must use dbm to make sure you are 12 yards away from the nearest raid member.
2. When the raid leader shouts storm incoming you take a few steps towards the boss so you are just within the square. DO NOT RUN TO THE TANK. and await the incoming storm.
3. when the storm appears run to the targeted player, look at the video so you can recognise the signs, but generally run towards the black shadow on the ground. all players including the tank are to do this and remain under the shadow until the raid leader tells you to resume your positions.
4. resume positons that you were in in part 1 and repeat 1-3.

the only other part to this is the eagles, if we have a lock in the group we will use seed of corruption on the boss, if not we will ignore them.

strategy 2.

this allows simplicity for the dps and we are likely to take no storm dmg at all, however if dbm mistimes we will be taking a great deal of aoe burst dmg to every member in the raid which will severely tax the healer. this is the lets hope we get lucky strategy that will only work if we are severely over geared and dbm gets it right.

1. as above.
2. listen out for the raid leader warning then collapse onto the tank.
3. resume positions and repeat

eagles same as in strategy 1.

note for healers: whatever strategies we use every member of the raid must be kept above 60% health or random deaths become possible.

guys i really do believe strategy 1 is the best for the simple reason that 9/10 guides recommend it but more importantly most of the videos of the boss being downed by guilds who have him on farm use this tactic. the only modification i have made is that we take 2 steps in to reduce our running distance when storm appears. however if we have another wipe fest on him we will try an alternate strategy as it will be becoming obvious that we do not have the raid mobility/awareness to carry this out.
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zulaman and ducky
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