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PostSubject: IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING   Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:47 pm

When applying please provide an armoury link and log out in PvE gear.

Also if you do not follow these guidelines it may cause you to not be accepted into the guild.

A Good Application

Name: Griffsson

Previous names (If any): None

Alts: Bori (61 Huner and rising)

Location: Ireland

Age: 25

Class/Spec: Paladin 42 Holy 19 Protection (Normally Ret.)

Previous Guilds: Serenity (Rank Advisor)

About Me: My 'toon's name is Grifffsson. I've been playing Wow for over a year now as Paladin. I'm a bit of a mutlispeccer I have viable gear up to T5 for Protection as well as retribution and like to dabble a fair amount in PvP (Got 3 teams sorry guys). Living in Ireland atm but am moving around a fair bit atm. Also have seemed to acquired an obsession with the word pie (Stemming from Weebl and Bob watch it it's Awesome)

Why I want to join Serenity: I got a fair few friends in the guild (you know who you are) and they tell me that you're a spiffy bunch've peeps who have a laugh and get decent raiding done.

What can I bring to Serenity: I'm (If I say so myself) an extremely capable player especially with Facepwning cocky mages. I enjoy having a laugh when playing but can focus on getting things done when needed.

Why I left my old guild (Please no flaming): Wanted to play with my friends in Serenity.

Things that may affect my playtime: Moving around atm might cause problems.

A Bad Application

I want in your guild as I heard you do lots of raids and get good loot and my guild doesn't do too much and only has done Attumen. I have 3 Epixx Rest blues and greens. I have friends in the gild who said I will get a place.

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