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 WotLK Beta - Holy Builds

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PostSubject: WotLK Beta - Holy Builds   Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:52 am

WotLK Beta - Holy Builds

Hereís some thoughts on likely LK builds for Holy paladins. Again, itís still in beta, so things may change drastically.

48/0/23 - Sheathbot

This looks to be the best single-target healing build you can make. It has the most spell power, the most crit, and a massive 2.4x crit multiplier. (For reference, a normal paladin has a 1.5x multiplier.)You also provide Imp Might and 3% crit for the raid.

I think this will be the standard 25-man raiding build, at least for the first Holy paladin in the raid. You are giving up any chance of an AoE heal, but the druids, priests and shamans can cover that while you concentrate on keeping the main tank up.

51/0/15+5 - Beacon of Light + Ret

This build trades-off the extra spellpower and crit multiplier from the previous build in exchange for an AoE heal in Beacon of Light. Basically you trade raw single-target healing in exchange for flexibility. You also provide Imp Might and 3% crit for the raid.

I think this build will be very popular for 5 and 10-man instances. Since you have fewer other healers (or none) to cover your weaknesses, flexibility becomes more important.

51/20/0 - Beacon of Light + Prot

Trade the goodies in Retribution for Blessing of Kings, Imp Devo Aura, and Divine Guardian. Also get Beacon of Light for some AoE healing.

Essentially, this is the ďWe donít have a Prot Paladin and people are whining for KingsĒ build. It should be pretty good for the second Holy paladin in a 25-man raid.

Slot 1: Sheathbot or DPS Ret Paladin
Slot 2: Beacon of Light + Prot or Tank Prot Paladin


Tanking is a responsibility, Healing is a job, and DPS is a game!

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WotLK Beta - Holy Builds
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