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PostSubject: Moroes   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:32 am

Moroes (that bastard)
Plase take note of the adds, as they are listed in the killing order from top to bottom...

The Moroes encounter tests your raid's ability to control several targets while also maintaining high DPS. In order to succeed, you must go in with a solid crowd control strategy for the four adds. If allowed to go free, they will quickly put an end to the squishies. Control must be established immediately on the pull and maintained throughout the fight.

Once control is established, the encounter becomes a race between your dps and the building damage caused by Garrote. Each time a Garrote is applied, the strain on the healers increases. Moroes must die before the healing needed becomes too much to handle.

The Adds
Moroes will have four different random adds from the following list in every instance, much like Chromaggus' breaths. Each add will be based off a class and spec. The following table lists them in a good kill order:

Name Class Health Abilities
Baroness Dorothea Millstipe -Shadow Priest 66k Mana Burn, Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Pain
Lady Catriona Von'Indi Holy Priest 66k Greater Heal, Power Word: Shield, Dispel Magic
Lady Keira Berrybuck Holy Paladin 68k Holy Light, Cleanse, Divine Shield
Baron Rafe Dreuger Retribution Paladin 68k Hammer of Justice, Cleanse, Blessing of Might
Lord Robin Daris Arms Warrior 84k Mortal Strike, Whirlwind
Lord Crispin Ference Protection Warrior 84k Disarm, Shield Bash, Shield Wall

Baroness Dorothea Millstipe
Her mana burn spell is the single most dangerous factor in this fight. It can burn all the mana from a healer, leading to a wipe. Fortunately, her cloth armor makes her easy to kill. Burn her down first, and as quickly as possible. Interrupt, silence, and stun her attempts to cast the mana burn. She doesn't need a tank, but make sure to heal her target.
Lady Catriona Von'Indi
Her heals and dispels are extremely disruptive, as they can let loose a trapped or shackled add. Keep her shackled the whole fight or burn her down after Millstipe is dead. Trapping her is a bad idea, as she stops to cast spells, and, while not trapped, she will dispel shackles and other traps. If no shackle is available, warn the raid that traps and shackles will break early. If killed, no tank is required.
Lady Keira Berrybuck
Her heals and cleanses make her as disruptive as Lady Catriona Von'Indi. Due to her armor and Divine Shield, however, she is much harder to kill. Therefore, she is the first choice of target to keep shackled the whole fight. If she is killed or trapped, warn the raid that other shackles and traps will break early. Her Divine Shield can be dispelled with Mass Dispel. If she is to be killed, a tank is a good idea.
Baron Rafe Dreuger
His main threat is his ability to stun his main target with Hammer of Justice and take off after a healer. While he has a documented Cleanse ability, he doesn't appear to use it much. He may be trapped, so long as the hunter is careful not to let him get close enough to stun. As long as he is alive, the raid must dispel his Blessing of Might from Moroes and the dinner guests. A tank is required to kill him.
Lord Robin Daris
His main threat is his powerful Mortal Strike. He will quickly kill anyone but a tank. He should generally be chain-trapped by a hunter, then tanked and killed. If no hunters are available, he should simply be off-tanked (with extra heals) until it is time to kill him.
Lord Crispin Ference
He doesn't do a lot of damage, but takes a long time to kill. Therefore, it's reasonable to attack Moroes while Ference is still alive. Although his disarm ability is annoying, it is reasonable to off-tank him as a "rage battery", especially as a druid bear. Once the other dinner guests are dead or shackled, he can be trapped, turned, or killed when Moroes vanishes.
As many adds as possible should be crowd controlled (starting from the rear of the list). The adds are susceptible to most forms of CC, such as the priest's Shackle Undead, the paladin's Turn Undead, the hunter's Freezing Trap, and most kiting techniques. Each of these methods has its drawbacks: shackles can break early or be dispelled by the holy priest and paladin type adds, fear can drive the adds out of the room and thus reset the fight, and all kiting tactics require great skill by the kiter. If an add does break loose, a tank should taunt it; however he should not attack in order to allow CC to be reapplied soon. Also be aware that the paladin-type adds can cast blessings on Moroes and his entourage, so be ready to dispel or purge.

Adds for which no control is available need to be killed before Moroes. One good sequence is to follow the above list from top to bottom - the priests have the least health and require no tank, the paladins can dispel, and the warriors take quite long to kill due to their high HP (particularly the protection warrior). Generally, if the raids DPS is high enough, it is a good idea to kill all adds first, this makes the fight much safer. Having some CC'd or kited add around while Moroes is nuked is dangerous, because the the control could break (for example because the controlling player dies from a garrote).

If the add which is due to be killed doesn't deal high physical damage it is not imperative to tank it, instead some combination of slowing effects should be used (i.e. kite it). If it does need tanking and only two tanks are present, a good offtank can take both, an add and Moroes at the same time. The offtank will need extra healing when Moroes gouges, however.

Doubling up on CC is also not a bad idea. For example having a hunter lay a Freezing Trap in front of a shackle can give the priest more time to reshackle.

After Moroes is dead, any remaining adds still need to be killed. Alternatively, the raid can leave the room, which will cause them to despawn.

It is advisable to either eliminate or keep shackled the Paladin type adds, as they can remove other forms of crowd control with their Cleanse.

Moroes vanishes every 30 seconds, and upon return randomly Garrotes a raid member. Garrote is a bleed effect and will deal 1k damage every 3 sec for 300 sec (5 minutes, for a total of 100k damage). After he garrotes, he will immediately return to the highest aggro player prior to the vanish. Garrote can be removed by the following abilities only:

Dwarves' Stoneform
Paladins' Divine Shield (self) and Blessing of Protection (others)
Mages' Ice Block
Items which remove bleeding effects (Luffa no longer works)
Dying and combat rez
Since the possibilities to remove Garrote are limited, there is no choice but to heal through it on most raid members. One active HoT from a well-equipped healer should heal enough to survive while the HoT is active. It is highly recommended that Priests liberally use Prayer of Mending when at least 2 targets are garroted. This spell will greatly lessen the healing load from garroted raid members.

In theory, all garrotes should be automatically removed when Moroes is defeated. However, sometimes they persist even after Moroes dies. If the encounter is reset the garrotes may still be on players.

Dying from garrote does not inflict a durability loss penalty. It is a good idea to plan ahead (while clearing other bosses) and save all combat rez cooldowns (Soulstones, Shaman Ankhs, and Rebirth) for Moroes. Do not cast soulstones (as usual) before the encounter, but wait until an important target is garroted, and only then soulstone. This method of garrote removal has the additional advantage that the rez will also restore some mana. If a raid member is garroted and a combat rez will be used, the player should quickly spend all his mana, just die and be rezzed.

A reduced cooldown on Blessing of Protection (Guardian's Favor) is a big bonus in this fight.

If possible, Garrote should always be removed from raid members who have to control an add. All healers are very important too. DPS classes should be cured only towards the end of the fight, while the tanks should never get the garrote removed - they are the main heal targets anyways, and BoP temporarily removes aggro.

Paladins can use Blessing of Sacrifice on a garroted party member to mitigate the damage. This can make a difference for low HP casters.

The Addon Deadly Boss Mods will announce using the raid warning system when someone gets garrote and who has it if it is activated by the raid leader or a raid assist.

Two tanks are needed on Moroes. The off-tank must always be second on the aggro list, because the main tank will periodically be gouged and Moroes will then turn to the person with the second-highest aggro. When a tank is blinded, it needs to be removed immediately by a Shaman, Paladin or Druid (it is a poison). If no one in the raid can remove poison, the secondary tank needs to work from maximum melee range and have someone stand very close (on top) of Moroes to soak up the blinds. For the first part while killing adds its best to designate one of the ranged DPSers to stand on top of Moroes. While killing Moroes himself, simply have at least one melee DPS hugging him.

Since the off-tank will only get hit while the main-tank is Gouged, rage will be a problem. To counter rage-starvation, consider having the Moroes off-tank grab one of the adds to act as a rage battery. If it's one of the dispelling adds, make sure that the magically crowd controlled adds are held far away from it. It is not a good idea to use the protection warrior type add for this purpose if the off-tank can be disarmed, because the add will regularly do so, greatly obstructing threat generation. Disarming has no appreciable effect on feral druids, however, so this add works well for them.

The off-tank would, of course, be required to build threat on both Moroes and his designated add simultaneously. This effectively turns the off-tank into both a poor-man's crowd control and a more effective off-tank.

If the main tank is a Paladin, then they can keep a blessing of Sacrifice on the off-tank at all times. This means that gouge will break after one hit on the off-tank which makes it easier for the healers.

Things are a lot easier if a third tank is available to tank the add which is due to be killed. The off-tank can do that job, but it requires quite a lot of skill.

Variant: Paladin tank
A well equipped paladin tank can try to tank all of the adds and Moroes at the same time. Take the adds down one at a time but leave one add alive. As long as something is beating on the main tank, they are near immune to the blinds and gouges as they will break when the player is hit. One thing to note is that the adds WILL de-aggro from the Paladin if he or she is gouged. If the gouge is not instantly broken, the adds will most likely attack your healers - having an off-tank who is keeping secondary aggro on all the adds will help limit this.

Preparing for Battle
Given the random nature of the adds and the raid's composition, every Moroes fight is different. The raid must make a plan before the pull and stick with it. This fight requires more planning than anything that comes before it in the game.

Clear the entire room of all the trash.
Mark Moroes and all the dinner guests with raid icons.
Assign targets to players for:
Freeze trapping.
Tanking, for Moroes, as crowd-control, and for kill targets.
Off-tanking, for Moroes.
Healing, for the tank, off-tank, and the rest of the raid.
Backup duties, should someone die before his assignment is complete.
Determine and announce the kill order.
Executing the Fight
Once a plan is established, it's time to execute it.

Pull Moroes, kill targets, and off-tank targets to one side of the room. Pull shackle and trap targets to the other side and control them there. This makes it less likely for the crowd-control to break from AoE attacks, dispels, or cleanses. The two tanks generate threat on Moroes and any off-tank targets, while the controllers shackle or trap, then switch to healing or attacking the first target as quickly as possible.

Use all cooldown abilities available to attack and kill the first target as quickly as possible. The fight becomes considerably easier to control once one or two targets die. There's no reason to save those abilities for Moroes. Focus fire on the planned kill targets, in order, until Moroes dies.

The tank calls out when he is gouged, so that healers can switch focus to the off-tank.

Anyone who is controlling an add calls out when there is a problem so that someone else can help.
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PostSubject: Re: Moroes   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:50 am
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