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PostSubject: Maiden   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:33 am

The Maiden

The Maiden of Virtue does not have phases in her fight. She behaves the same from the start of the fight to the end.

The Maiden uses all her abilities at random, not on a strict timer. For example, when the Repentance cooldown is over, she does not always cast it immediately; it just means that it's possible for her to cast it. However, she does not cast Holy Fire while Repentance is active.

Wipes occur at this boss for mainly two reasons - either the tank dies while the healers are incapacitated from a Repentance, or too many raid members die from Holy Fire. A wipe is also possible due to poor positioning which leads to a chained Holy Wrath.

Correct positioning of the raid is the key here, healer positioning in particular. Ranged and healers should be far enough away from the Maiden to be outside of the Holy Ground attack. At the same time, the whole raid needs to be in range and sight of a dispeller and be spread out far enough to avoid chaining Holy Wrath. These requirements are easily matched with the following setup:

There are eight pillars around the room. Put one non-melee raid member at the outside wall in each gap between two pillars. Place the healers next to each other. Melee and tank can start wherever they like.

Tank her in the center of the room, right where she stands. After the pull, the raid members all move to their assigned gap between the pillars, and take exactly one step up the stair leading to her. This puts the whole raid in LoS, healing and dispel range of each other, but far enough apart to prevent the Holy Wrath from hitting more than the melee group.

Instead of standing between the pillars, it's just as good if the raid members stand with their backs to the pillars. Just synchronize so that everybody takes the left (or right) pillar, and no two people end up using the same.

There are several ways to survive Repentance:

A paladin casts and refreshes Blessing of Sacrifice (rank 1) on any melee character to constantly take damage, breaking the effect.
A healer (preferably one which cannot dispel) moves into the Holy Ground after the Repentance cooldown is over. Since it can take a while until she casts Repentance, this may effectively take the healer out of the combat for a while (due to the silence effect). This also increases the danger from a chained Holy Wrath. After she's cast Repentance, the healer moves out of Holy Gound and resumes healing.
The tank moves the Maiden towards a healer, to wake up the healer with damage from Holy Ground.
The tank is loaded with HoT spells.
The tank uses cooldown moves such as Last Stand, Shield Wall, potions, healthstones, and Nightmare Seeds.
Melee damage-dealers that can heal (cat druids and enhancement shamans) run out to heal during Repentance.
All of these methods work well, and they work better in combination.

Holy Fire
Holy Fire will quickly kill its victim unless removed. It is imperative to deal with it.

The easiest method to deal with Holy Fire is to have Grounding Totems up. With an alert Shaman and a little luck this one totem can absorb all Holy Fires targeted at that group. With one shaman in each group the fight actually becomes quite easy.

Holy Fire is a Magic debuff, and thus can be removed by the following:

Priests' Dispel Magic
Paladins' Cleanse and Divine Shield
Felhounds' Devour Magic (leave it on auto-cast)
Restorative Potion
Warlocks' Spellstone
Mages' Ice Block
Rogues' Cloak of Shadows
Healers and dispellers must be very alert to deal with Holy Fire. Every raid member needs to be topped off at all times, and Holy Fires must be dispelled as quickly as possible. This cannot be stressed enough, as it is the most important aspect of the fight: Dispel as fast as possible. Unless someone would die, cancel the spell you're currently casting to dispel immediately, so you spend less time healing damage dealers back up. Some raids place two dedicated dispellers on opposite ends of the room.

Holy Fire can also be spell reflected. It actually deals fire damage (not holy), thus Major Fire Protection Potions are useful.
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PostSubject: Re: Maiden   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:49 am
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