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 The Opera

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PostSubject: The Opera   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:34 am

The Opera Event

The Opera is either 1 of 3 acts, each consistant to the specific raid - meaning, they will not change at any time before the instance is reset.
This event requires at least 1 person on the stage to start. If you fail to have a player on the stage to talk to the old lady, you will be stuck outside the stage door. If this happens, the event will be stuck, unable to reset. However, it is possible for a person to run up the right side of the pipe organ and manage to leap onto the stage. This is a very tricky maneuver to do, however, and the best course of action is to have 1 members on stage to test the event (and die) to find out which one you have and then the door will remain open for the rest to file in before the Second attempt.

If you don't have somebody on the stage, it is still possible to recover this event through a soft reset. Have all your raiders exit the instance for thirty (30) minutes. All of the mobs on a timer will respawn and the event will be reset.

The Big Bad Wolf:
Generally only one tank is needed. A warrior, protection paladin or feral druid can fulfill the role, but warriors have an advantage due to berserker rage.
The wolf should be tanked along one wall a medium distance away from the rest of the raid. If possible, switch to berserker stance to berserker rage just before a fear.
Whilst someone is under the Red Riding Hood debuff, it is important that the tank continue to generate aggro or risk the Big Bad Wolf attacking a DPS once the debuff has gone.
A Shaman is able to make use of his Tremor Totem to reduce the time spent under the influence of a fear. If the shaman is Enhancement, it is probably best to keep the totem up for the duration of the fight. Elemental or Restoration Shaman will not be under the threat of constant fearing, and can instead drop the totem immediately after a fear, to more reliably break party members' fears.
If that is not possible, a Dwarf or Draenei Priest's Fear Ward can counteract the fear.
As of a recent patch all races that can be a Priest can get/use Fear Ward.

Beside his fear, the wolf is not terribly difficult to tank and does not do a huge amount of damage.

Ranged DPS classes can continuously damage the wolf provided that the tank does not lose aggro. They can continue damaging while the wolf is chasing Little Red Riding Hood. Melee DPS classes have to be more careful due to the fear. However, any damage caused while the Big Bad Wolf is chasing someone will add to his threat list, regardless of your inability to pull aggro during that time.

Little Red Riding Hood
All non-melee classes (ranged DPS and healing) should stand close together in a corner about 1/3-1/2 the stage length from the wolf being tanked on the adjacent wall. When the wolf casts the Red Riding Hood debuff, the affected person needs to run around the perimeter of the stage. Do not touch or hug the wall because it will slow down your running speed, but stay very close to it. The wolf should be a short distance behind you at all times, but out of melee range. After running about 1.5 times around the stage, the debuff will wear off and the wolf will most likely run back to the tank as long as sufficient aggro was generated.

If you watch the Wolf's target carefully, he will briefly change targets to the upcoming Red Riding Hood then switch back to the tank, before he casts the debuff. This can give advance warning to the target, which is particularly useful to melee dps.
All healing should be focused on whomever has the debuff. It is often possible to survive one attack from the wolf as long as the runner is healed as soon as they are hit. Healers should use preemptive heals, canceling at the last moment if the runner does not get attacked. A priest should use Power Word: Shield. Earth Shield and heal-over-time spells can also help.
The runner should follow a SQUARE path. The Wolf actually chases a spot 20 yards ahead of his target. The runner can imagine they're carrying a long fishing pole with a lure extended ahead of them. If Little Red Riding Hood runs in a circular or oval path, the Wolf will continuously cut them off and be in melee range. If Little Red Riding Hood runs in straight lines with tight corners, the Wolf will lose ground on the straightaways, cut off a little on the corners, but potentially stay out of melee range the entire time.
Be aware that while chasing Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf will continue to fear all nearby players, including the runner. Tremor Totem and Fear Ward on the runner can help.
Warriors can Intervene to whomever receives the Riding Hood debuff to provide a bit of extra protection.
Druids with the Tree of Life Form should not use it, as it slows them even while under the effects of the Riding Hood debuff.
Class Specific Tricks
Rogues - Vanish can be used to prevent all damage from the debuff. Don't come out of stealth, as the debuff remains through Vanish.
Hunters - Feign Death works normally... including the chance to be resisted. Cast it when you get the Little Red Riding Hood debuff, and stay down until it wears off.
Paladins - Use Blessing of Protection on others. As the wolf will follow Little Red Riding Hood for longer than this buff can last, the player will be taking damage if he/she get the buff too early.
Priests - Mind Flay now has no slowing effects on the Big Bad Wolf.
Mages - Use Amplify Magic to help with healing as there is no magic damage during the fight.
Warriors - Use Thunderclap to slow his damage output when chasing as well as Intervene to absorb a hit.

Rumolo And Julane
Fighting Romulo and Julianne is a very intensive fight. In phase one, the raid fights Julianne, who primarily casts spells, in phase two the raid fights Romulo, who only does melee, and in phase three the raid fights them both.

Phase One
In phase one, you will fight Julianne. She is a caster and should be interrupted as much as possible to conserve mana. The interrupters should focus on Eternal Affection, which heals herself for a lot of health. Interrupting the other spells, however, is good for conserving healer mana. She is immune to Silence, but not to other interrupting abilities such as Kick, Shield Bash or Earth Shock.

Dispelling her Devotion buff should be prioritized, however, since it increases her DPS a lot. It is a magic buff and can be removed with Dispel Magic (Priest), Devour Magic (Felhunter), Purge (Shaman), Spellsteal (Mage), or Arcane Shot (Hunter).

It is helpful to have her die in a corner separate from Romulo, to make it easier to pick her up in phase three.

Phase Two
During phase two, the raid fights Romulo. He is a warrior-type boss, has approximately 190,000 health, and hits quite hard. Like Julianne, his buff should be removed with the aforementioned spells, because it greatly increases his DPS.

He should be tanked with his back turned to the wall, so that the melee DPS will not get knocked back too far by his Backward Lunge.

It is possible to disarm Romulo, and though it should be done as much as possible, it is best to do it when he gains Daring to compensate for his higher DPS in that stage. Like Julianne, he should die in a corner.

Phase Three
Many players believe phase three is the true event, because you now fight Romulo and Julianne at the same time. The tactics of phase one and two still apply, however because the raid now has less mana and is engaging both bosses at the same time, it will be harder.

The raid should split up in two groups, one group which focuses on Romulo and one group which focuses on Julianne. Preferably, the Romulo group should be ranged (due to his melee abilities), and the Julianne group should be melee.

They must die within 10 seconds of each other, or the dead boss will resurrect with full health again, just like the core hounds in Molten Core.

An alternative tactic is to let warlock(s) use their dots upon Julianne, and DPS Romulo down while having your interrupters on Julianne to prevent a heal. If allowed, Julianne will heal herself or Romulo so it is imperative her heals be interrupted. Silencing Shot does not interrupt her spell. Once Romulo hits 10%-5% you can switch to Julianne. It is advisable to stop casting dots at 30% to prevent Romulo from dying before Julianne is ready to die. Then full out nuke Julianne, and start casting dots on Romulo once Julianne hits 15%.

Wizard Of Oz
Here's an overview of the mobs encountered in this fight:

Mob HP Attacks Remarks
Dorothee 150,000 Water Bolt (1.5 seconds cast, Frost Damage 2025-2475), AoE Fear. Cannot be interrupted or tanked, attacks at random.
Tito 35,000 Interrupts and silences casters. Causes Dorothee to Enrage if killed before her.
Roar 110,000 Melee: around 3000 on cloth, AoE fear. Very susceptible to fear.
Strawman 110,000 Melee: around 4000 on cloth. Gains a Disorient debuff after taking Fire damage.
Tinhead 110,000 Melee: 1500-2000 on plate, Cleave (3 targets, up to 4000 on cloth). Gets a Rust debuff after some time, making him easy to kite.
The Crone 150,000 Cyclone, Chain Lightning (5 targets, 2775-3225 damage). Appears after the other mobs are dead.

The first four bosses are upstage when the event starts and become active one after the other quite quickly. The activation sequence is:

Dorothee (who then summons Tito)
After these four are all dead, The Crone will appear. Killing The Crone successfully ends the event.

Kill order
The raid needs to agree on a kill sequence. All mobs (exc. Dorothee) can be controlled, depending on player skill and classes available some may be more dangerous than others. One accepted sequence is to deal with the mobs in the order in which they activate. Dorothee is generally regearded to be the most dangerous, because she cannot be tanked. Roar is more dangerous than Strawman because of his fear, and Tinhead is the least dangerous because after some time he moves so slow that he can be easily kited.

Tinhead is the only mob which really must be tanked. On all others, tanking is optional, but helps to avoid trouble if they break control. The main tank should be on Tinhead exclusively, a second tank should help on Roar, and maybe taunt Strawman now and then. Tanking Dorothee is pointless. Tito can and should be tanked.

There's not much to say about her other than just nuke her fast. Pay attention not to kill Tito while she's still up, or else she will enrage. Tito should be killed right after she's down. Waterbolt cannot be interrupted, and because she has no aggro table, it targets random people while she's alive.

Roar is rather cowardly, and susceptible to fear. However, often he will run into one of the two doors and go out of line of sight making it somewhat difficult to keep him constantly feared. Be prepared for many early breaks and resists, as he seems to do this quite often. One Warlock should still be enough to control him, an off-tank on Roar makes the Warlocks job much easier.

When he is struck by fire damage abilities, there is a very high chance that he will be disoriented for 6 seconds. Scorch & Searing Pain are excellent abilities to proc this debuff. A fire mage would be the best class to deal with this add, but any mage or warlock (with his imp) will do OK too, even a Shamans searing totem or fire elemental could do the job in an emergency. The off-tank on Roar should taunt Strawman now and then.

Tinhead needs to be tanked by the main tank due to the rather high amount of damage he inflicts. As the encounter progresses, he begins to rust (as indicated through an announcement) and slows down. After a while, he slows down a great deal and can be effectively kited by the main tank. At this point the tank should be taking minimal damage as he can run around without being struck.

NOTE: A popular misconception is that Tinhead's rust event is initiated by ice spells. This is not the case. The rust event is simply a timed event and cannot be influenced.

The Crone
After all 4 major characters have died, The Crone spawns. She has no vulnerabilities, so the MT should pick her up immediately. She spawns cyclones that will knock raid members straight up into the air, dealing a significant (but not fatal) amount of damage; HoT's can keep the cycloned victims alive. When you land, you will take fall damage as well. They are avoidable, and any slow fall ability will also negate fall damage. Cyclone does not stun, so instant cast spells can be used in midair. The cyclones move slowly around the room in a group, and can cross the center of the stage, so it is unsafe to move strictly clockwise or counter-clockwise. Someone should be continuously calling out the cyclones position and direction so everyone can adjust. The Crone does not have a lot of HP; this phase is much easier than the first.
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PostSubject: Re: The Opera   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:53 am

Romulo and Julianne

Big Bad Wolf
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The Opera
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