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 Random Servant's Quarters Bosses

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PostSubject: Random Servant's Quarters Bosses   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:10 pm

Random Servant's Quarters Bosses

Random Servant's Quarters Bosses include three bosses that drop epic-level items that can be worse than virtually any level-70 blue. They follow the pattern of green drops (of the Owl, of the Whale). Useful drops are sparse, but they are epic (they can be disenchanted) and can be sold for a few gold, plus every mob gives normal reputation, which is much considering the low difficulty of that area.

Hyakiss the Lurker

Hyakiss the Lurker is a level 73 named elite spider in the Servant's Quarters in Karazhan. Once he spawns, he's stealthed in a corner of the spider room.

To cause the Hyakiss or one of the other servant's quarters bosses to spawn, you must completely clear the area of trash. If it takes your raid more than 30 minutes to kill them all, you will likely have respawns, which will need killed as well. Once there is not a single trash mob alive in the Servant's Quarters, one of the three bosses will spawn. Which boss spawns is determined randomly.

Attacks and Abilities
HP: ~260,000
Hyakiss' Web: Stuns an enemy for 10 sec (magic).
Poison: Deals 500 damage every 3 seconds and reduces armor by 500. Stacks up to X times.


After engaging, 2 tanks build up threat on Hyakiss simultaneously. Make sure that the off-tank always stays second on the aggro-list, so that when the main tank gets webbed, Hyakiss goes to the off tank, instead of killing the raid. Remove the poison, it reduces armor and does nature damage per second. If there is no one to remove it, the off tank should taunt her if the poison stacks too often (2-3 times), so that the MT has the chance to let the debuff run out. The stun can also be dispelled

Rokad the Ravager

Rokad the Ravager is a level 73 named elite darkhound in the Servant's Quarters in Karazhan. The Servant's quarters are located immediately to the right after you enter the instance from the main entrance.

Rokad only does straight up melee damage on the main tank, but does so a lot (about 1781 DPS). The encounter is a straightforward tank and spank fight.

Most of the trashmobs in the room can be cleared before starting the bossfight. The only exceptions are the two dogs closest to him: they seem to be linked to the boss and pulling them will aggro the boss as well.

Clearing the trash takes about half an hour, after which the first respawns will have appeared. After maybe 5 more minutes of killing trash there is an NPC shout to announce that Rokad spawned. The random animal boss spawn seems to work like this: 1. Clear the area (boss hasn't spawned yet). 2. Start clearing the respawns. 3. Get the announcement by the spawned boss. 4. Clear the path to the announced boss. 5. Kill the boss - (confirmation needed on this) - Apr. 8

Faction Gain

Clearing the area requires the raid to kill around 50 mobs worth 15 Violet Eye rep each. With reputation from the boss, this adds up to about 1000 Violet Eye reputation.


While Rokad does relatively strong melee damage to the tank, this encounter is essentially a "tank 'n' spank" fight; just DPS him down and heal as needed.

A warlock can enslave or banish the two dogs that aggro with him. They have a cleave that can hit for 2-3k and crit for over 7k. If enslaved and used against the boss, they can actually pull aggro away from the main tank. - July 2 07.

Shadikith the Glider

Shadikith the Glider is a level 73 named elite bat in the Servant's Quarters in Karazhan.

Note: To get to this boss, you need to clear all the mobs in the servants quarters. It's to the right after you enter the instance. When you cleared all Mobs in under 30 minutes and about 3-10 of the respawns a random of 3 bosses will spawn, one of them is this.


Sonic Burst: An AoE Silence ability.
Wing Buffet: Removes aggro from the tank. Identical to the Drakes of BWL.
Charge: He will charge the farthest member of the raid that is in line of sight for him. Hits for aprox. 5000 on cloth. This ability can crush for up to 9000, you can't run back and zone in. Because of this, the farthest member of the raid should always be an offtank or shaman with shield. This ability can be taunted away before the hit.
AoE Knockback: He will randomly do an AoE knockback that hits everyone in melee range for about 2000 damage.


We split up in two camps. Pulling him out from his room into the room leading to his, the MT was tanking Shadikith with his back against the wall to avoid being knocked back. The rangedps and healers stood with their backs against another wall at the opposite side of the room with the 2nd tank standing by them ready to taunt Shadikith away from the healers and rangedps and moving him back to the MT who then taunted Shadikith back to himself. Besides this it is a very easy tank and spank fight. Just keeping the MT topped off to prevent "unlucky" situations when he uses his silence ability.

Alternative Strategy

Pull the boss to a recently cleared large room. A hunter with misdirection is very valuable here and can pull the boss to the beginning of the instance if there is no suitable room in which to fight the boss. Do not attempt to kite this boss any significant distance to a raid, as it is extremely fast, however, attacking the boss then vanishing is a viable means of pulling the boss to the rest of the raid.

A tank and an offtank should stand in opposite corners of the room, with all casters in the center and melee dps following the boss and attempting to stay in front of it with their backs to walls. Because the boss charges the member of the raid who is farthest away at the time, this will always be a tank, and each tank is in healing range at all times. The offtank should attempt to gain some level of threat immediately, in case the boss has just wiped the aggro from the main tank. This happens 1-2 times per fight, and in each case, it appears that the boss has wiped aggro from everyone immediately before charging, as he does not attempt to attack healers or dps leaders. If a sufficiently large room is chosen, casters will never be silenced by the AoE silence effect, so healing is never interrupted. Additionally, the only people affected by the AoE knockback will be any melee dps who have not managed to get to the boss's front side and place their backs to a wall. Melee dps should not attempt to chase the boss unless it switches aggro from the main tank to the offtank, as it will usually return to the main tank immediately after charging
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Random Servant's Quarters Bosses
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