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 Korash - Level 80 Elemental Shaman Application

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PostSubject: Korash - Level 80 Elemental Shaman Application   Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:23 am

Hello there, after doing Halls of Lightning with Eleazar from your guild we got to talking about Serenity, and I have to admit it sounds very much like the kind of guild I've been looking for. He painted a picture of a small but good guild with adult players who take the game and their fellow players serious (serious as in knowing how to play well, and for the most part above 12 years old x).
We agreed that I should try to apply via your website, so here goes.

Personal rambling:

My name is Kjartan and I'm a 22 year old dude/fella/guy/male/and otherwise with sausage attachment...yeah you get the picture.
I live in Denmark and currently on my own, and as such playing waaay more than I should naturally (they did make a great game looking past all the bugs). Working as an electricians apprentice, soon to be done with the apprenticeship.
Been playing this game for a long time, I started about a year after the launch of the first WoW. Started out playing a holy paladin and got through MC with that char.
Later on I decided to try a real dps class, and so my hunter came to life. Raided a little bit of everything up to Black Temple, far from all the bosses along the way though.
Then I decided to put him on ice as well and get my shaman up to speed. I have primarily played the shaman in WotLK, trying all 3 specs and eventually chose Elemental.
I might as well be frank and admit I have zero raiding experience in WotLK, I have however done every heroic 5-man (if that counts for anything).

Character info:

Name: Korash

Class: Ele(mentally) disturbed Shaman, 57/14/0

Armory Link:

Professions: Mining and Jewelcrafting (my JC skill is horrificly low, and despite all the patterns I have gotten I still have not leveled it. In some rare cases I do slack :<

Off the record: I hate doing fulltime healing as resto, but I do have the gear for it if needed. Normally I fit healing spells into my spell rotation when the need arises. Im quite used to offhealing, and can't recall doing a heroic where I didn't.
What good is dps with a dead might not always have a feral druid to take over x). Dps-wise i have to admit that i'm not satisfied with my current output. This seems to be a pretty common problem with Elemental at the moment, even with optimal spell rotations. This will apparently be adressed by Blizzard in an upcoming patch.
Anyway, I will do my very best in any situation as I take other peoples time and effort too seriously not to.
I guess the above is more or less what I can bring to Serenity should I be given a chance.

As for alts I have the following two as described earlier. My paladin Denzath, currently 73 and Retri and my BM hunter Bristleblitz at level 72.

Previous guilds: PuGGed. I left PuGGed only yesterday as a matter of fact, wanting to explore new horizons. The main reasons were that they had too many players complaining/begging and writing things in the guild chat that didn't even make sense. Also there were generally several players in there with a bad attitude whom I disliked.

Now, things that might affect my playtime is unfortunately a bit of a hurdle.
As soon as the 13th of January I will be off for my last stay at the school to take my exams to become an electrician.
This will take about 10 weeks and during that time I can only play during the weekends. I know this is far from optimal but there is little I can do about it apart from getting it over with.
If you do not wish me to join for that reason I understand perfectly, but that will be up to you of course.

I hope you can dig out the answers for most of your questions somewhere in that dungheap of text above, otherwise do feel free to whisper me Razz

Best regards, Korash/Kjartan
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PostSubject: Re: Korash - Level 80 Elemental Shaman Application   Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:44 am

Mate, what an effort on the application, though in the archive Wink

Please /w me in game or kessian or gorhald or Lortadox and an invite will follow.

great to have you onboard



Tanking is a responsibility, Healing is a job, and DPS is a game!

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PostSubject: Re: Korash - Level 80 Elemental Shaman Application   Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:59 pm

Deffo has my vote, was a real pleasure to play with Korash. Reminded me to great old days partying with Griff, Hariy, Kju (where are they, btw?) and others.
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PostSubject: Re: Korash - Level 80 Elemental Shaman Application   

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Korash - Level 80 Elemental Shaman Application
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