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 Ranks in guild (new, now with more flavour!)

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PostSubject: Ranks in guild (new, now with more flavour!)   Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:28 pm

Hello people,

If you are a [i]member[/i] or higher, you can have one alt. There are also officer's alt, name says it all.

Roughly 1 month trial period, these are new people that come to support our ranks

The base of our guild, people who have been with us quite some time, they can have alts

This are people who have been with us and have shown experience and dedication to promote guild progress. They have acces to the officers channel and they are my eyes and ears in the guild.

A select few who I consult for advice and who also have the right to invite and promote people. If I am not around they are in effect in charge and are the ones to turn to whith questions etc. Every advisor will have a specific function in the guild. More about that later

Me. I see it as my responabiliy to keep things going in the guild. That means trying to get the guild ahead as a whole while maintaining a nice atmosphere. If disputes or problems arise, please let me know and don't (mis)use guildchat for it. I am the only one who can demote and kick people and I will not do it lighly and never without explanation.


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Ranks in guild (new, now with more flavour!)
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